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The Hotel Garni VŠB is close to spa town Klimkovice, which is found in the forest landscape. The local natural scenery is really lovely and everyone enjoys the view of the Beskids.You can choose and enjoy spa or do various sports in this beautiful area. Sanatoriums in Klimkovice offer many spa facilities, which can make your stay here even more pleasant.


Observatory and planetarium of Johanna Palisa in Ostrava-Poruba. The builduing was built in 1980. The planetarium hall is with capacity of  100 visitors the third largest (a diameter of 12,5m). It’s excellent equipped, it has got the second largest projection device in the Czech Republic (There is also the same device in Brno). The visitors can enjoy multimedia programs under a great artificial sky.


The Shooting range Poruba offer an unconventional, adrenalin experience and it is open all year. The lease of the range and the weapons is available for both individuals and groups. The shooting is then possible only under the supervision.


Worth visiting is the swimming pool in Ostrava-Poruba as well. Indoor can be found as 50m long pool so a children’s pool, where children are taught to swim. In the outdoor part, there are another swimming pool, a paddling pool with heated water and plenty of grassy areas for sunbathing and watching games on two very popular beach volleyball courts.


The Ostrava ZOO was officially opened in 1951. The ZOO is located in an unique environment of Ostrava forest. More than 270 species and 1300 pieces of animals (elephants, giraffes, tigers, chimpanzees, hippos, camels, flamingos, parrots) are currently kept in the area of 100 ha.  Not just animals but also a children playground, a baby room, refreshment stands, a restaurant can be here easily found.


The summer swimming pool Ostrava Poruba (Vřesiny) is the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe. Total area of water surface is 41 200m2 and it resembles more likely a small dam. On sunny days there are up to 15000 visitors. They can find in this newly modified area – a giant slide and other slides, starting platforms, diving boards. There is something for children too – a children’s pool, a shaded sandpit with many atractions, a wooden castle, inflatable jumping toys and toy cars. The visitors can do and play a number of sports – minigolf, tennis, streetball, beach volleyball, football, russian skittles, table tennis. And of course a wide range of refreshment stands is available.


The Mining museum Landek is the largest mining museum in the Czech Republic with the broadest range of supplementary services. The museum offers its visitors a day-long trip amoung outdoor monuments. It is located at the south-eastern foothill of Landek, lying above the junction of the rivers Odra and Ostravice. In 1992 Landek was proclaimed a national natural landmark. It is a world famous site in terms of geology, archeology, history, natural science and mining.


Borough conservation area „Moravská Ostrava“ is the largest in the Moravian-Silesian region. It is the center of Ostrava, which is an unique showcase of architecture of the19th and the 20th century. The centre of all is Masarykovo square with the Old Town Hall (nowadays the Ostrava Museum). Five minutes walk from here, there is the Silesian Ostrava castle from the 13th century , which was recently restored. The icing the cake is then the New city hall -the highest city hall builduing with an observation tower. Enjoy a beautiful view of the entire center of Ostrava.